Private Property Towing in Kansas City, MO

There are many instances where businesses need a towing service. Suppose you’ve got someone blocking your trash dumpsters; that affects your efficiency. With signs posted to remind others not to park somewhere, some people do it anyway. Whether it’s abandoned vehicles, double parkers, or parking without a permit, these cars need to go.

If you own a private business or deal with illegal parking regularly, Roadside Services Towing can help. If this is your first time needing a car towed from private property, don’t stress. We can tow a car from your private property while only touching the rubber tires. This helps you avoid liability from the owner of the vehicle.

Why Do People Park Illegally?

There are many reasons why someone might park illegally. First of all, they may honestly not know they’re doing anything wrong. We’ve serviced plenty of people who just don’t see the sign, even if it’s in plain sight. 

If you do find a car illegally parked on your property, try finding the driver. There may be an easy fix to the problem that doesn’t involve towing. This will save you time and money, and the person could become a repeat customer.

Private Property Towing Kansas City

What’s the Process of Private Property Towing?

First and foremost, make sure you have signage properly placed where people can see it. If someone parks where “No Parking” signs are visible, they can be towed immediately. Second, make sure the towing company you call is properly licensed to tow private property. 

Once the towing company arrives, they will take pictures of the vehicle from all angles. This will show the parking violation and document any previous issues with the car. You also don’t want to be liable for damage to the vehicle. The pictures will have the date and time for future reference.

Anytime we tow a car from private property, it will be registered with the local police department. We give them the make, model, color, and license number. Once a parking violator discovers their car is missing, they can call the police department. The department officials will then tell them where they can find their vehicle.

Make sure the towing company you choose is licensed and bonded for everyone’s protection. Don’t choose a company based on lower rates, then find out they legally can’t tow. This will cause you more issues and money.


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What Types of Private Properties have Parking Rules?

To avoid getting your car towed in the future, there are things you should know. First, many apartment complexes have strict parking rules. Covered parking is usually reserved for residents of the complex, and they will have permits. If you’re visiting an apartment complex, look for visitor parking or park on the street.

Some restaurants or places of business have designated parking as well. Don’t park in a spot designated for one business if you are not going there. If you’re not sure, error on the side of caution. Ask the owner or manager for permission or just look for a more suitable spot. 

As an owner of private property, make sure your parking spaces are labeled properly. Have warnings posted in as many places as possible, so customers are aware. If you notice someone parking where they shouldn’t, try to tell them. They may not know they’re doing anything wrong.

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What If a Car Has Been Abandoned?

Any vehicle left for a certain period of time is considered an abandoned vehicle. It depends on the amount of time, and it has to be on private property. The vehicle can stay for as long as the owner of the property says. However, if you have not given consent, you can have it removed. 

If you have a vehicle that seems to have been abandoned, call the police first. They will come out and investigate and might even tow the car for you. If the responsibility to remove the vehicle still falls on you, call the tow company.

My Car Was Towed from Private Property, Now What?

If you just walked out to find your car is missing, there’s no doubt a moment of panic. Once you realize your car has been towed because you parked illegally, look around. If you find a towing company sign, there is a number you can call. If you don’t see a number or towing company name, call the police. 

As mentioned previously, the towing company will have registered your car with the police department. They should be able to tell you where your car is being held. You can contact the towing company and make arrangements to pick up your car. Ask them what types of payments they accept and don’t wait to find out when you arrive.

If You Need a Towing Service, We’re Here for You

Kansas City, MO TowingIf you need help having a car towed off private property, call Roadside Services Towing. We’re available 24 hours a day and guarantee experienced operators and affordable service pricing. We have many different roadside assistance options and are a AAA service provider.

What Does it Mean to be an AAA Service Provider?

As an AAA service provider, we only employ licensed and insured drivers. We are fully certified and have official AAA contracts. If you are an AAA member, we can provide whatever roadside assistance you need. 

Areas in Kansas City that we serve include:

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Roadside Services Towing has years of experience towing cars from private property. We take pride in providing you the best service at the best price possible. We also want to make sure the service you get is done properly. By serving multiple locations, this means we can get to you quickly with no hassle.

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